• T-1240 Sectional Sofa
T-1240 Sectional Sofa

Product Description

If you are looking for a place to sprawl out, this sectional will make your living room a favourite spot in your home. The fabric is just the right shade to accent any style with ease. Sleek design with clean lines featuring contemporary shaped arms, high quality fiber material pillows and large soft cushions invite you making it hard to leave. Featuring a chair upholstered in stylish fabric to match the accented pillows on the sofa, this set truly will be the focal point of any living space. Available in steel grey, or graphite charcoal.

T – 1240 Sofa Sectional and Chair
Product   Price   Size in inch   Colour
Sofa Sectional $919.00 90”L 87”W 39”H Charcoal, Grey
Chair $559.00 34”L 33”W 35”H  Linen-Style Fabric

Additional Information

Option Chair, Sofa